hey mama...


You've got ideas.


You've got ambition.


You've got NO time.​


Or so you think.​


Through Marisa Lonic's coined Time MOMagement strategies, you can succeed at becoming a more organized, more energized, more productive YOU without the mom guilt, exhaustion, and perpetual busy-ness that comes along with juggling ALL the things in this #momlife.


Whether you're a working mom in your career and home or a working mom raising tiny humans all day every day, you still have dreams, goals, and maybe even basic things you want to do, like wash (and style) your hair. 


Mama Work It offers real ways to simplify your life, reframe your mind and get more time for what you want to spend it on.    


We’ll keep you afloat, give you a kick in the butt when you need one, a hug when you want one and make you laugh along the way. Remember, it’s not the destination-it’s the journey. And we’re all on it together, so don’t stop believin’ (see what I did there).

Now go ahead, mama, work it.

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What's that you say?

I'm seriously SO busy.

It never ends.

I don't have time for that.

I feel like I have no energy.

I'm all the time.

I wish I had MORE TIME.


tired working mom
overwhelmed working mom
busy working mom
If this sounds like you, you're not alone, mama!  

Most moms agree, the answer to a lot of their problems is simply having MORE TIME.

If I had more time, I could work out or eat healthier.

If I had more time, I could do more fun things with my kids.

If I had more time, I would sleep more and not feel exhausted 24/7.

If I had more time, I could start my dream biz and not work my 9-5.

The list goes on and on and ON.  

TIME is the answer, girlfriend.  And the good news is, time is an EEO (an equal employment opportunity).  We all have the same amount of it, it's just up to us with how we use it.  

Yes, circumstances are different for everyone, but I'm a firm believer, no matter what your situation, if you really want to do something, you can find the time to make it happen.  I'm LIVING PROOF.  I have 4 kids and built my business, wrote and published two books, launched a podcast and stayed sane, all while working as a corporate executive.  It CAN be done.  Let me show you how. 
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Hey mama!

I'm Marisa Lonic, working mom of four boys.  I started Mama Work It back in 2018 when I went back to work after having my third son.  I loved my job and I loved my family and, while I wasn't perfect at balancing all things working mom, I had certainly figured out a thing or two and wanted to share that with the working mom community.  

With a demanding corporate job, a demanding need to care for my family, and a demanding need to care for myself and my own dreams, I figured out how to make it all work and created Mama Work It.

I started with a blog.

Then created a course.

From there, I wrote the book.

And started coaching mamas on how to manage their time without overwhelm, guilt or stress and find space and energy in their very full schedules to do the things they only dreamed of.  

You can have it all.  You can live a fulfilling, balanced, rich life--even if you feel perpetually busy all the time.  Let's strategize ways to work it and take back control of your time and schedule.  Let's work it, mama.

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