Gain control of your time and stop putting you and your dreams at the bottom of your to-do list.  Via FOUR one-one-one 60 minute sessions and Voxer support in between, here are some things I know we can accomplish together:


  • Turning your current far-fetched dream into a tangible, accomplishable goal
  • Ending each day feeling accomplished and satisfied, rather than exhausted and defeated
  • Gaining clarity and focus so you can develop a clear road map toward your destination, wherever that may be
  • Carving out time every single day to spend on you-whether that is a small daily accomplishment or a step toward a major one…and (wait for it) NOT feeling guilty about it
  • Feeling good overall: healthy, energetic, happy so you can do more, look great, and be all about them positive vibes only

Eight Week Coaching & Mentorship

  • A lot of work goes into prepping for sessions and ensuring you get the most out of each week.  If you're not satisfied with the services you're receiving, your refund will be prorated at 50% of sessions remaining.  Refunds should be submitted in writing.  One week's notice to next scheduled session is necessary for that session to be included in prorated amount.