A little book about goal setting, prioritizing, and managing your time during the challenging mama years

For all the tired AF moms who are constantly saying, “I don't have time”, this book is for you. Through humorous stories, actionable steps, time-saving tips, and some tough love motivation, Marisa Volpe Lonic will have you laughing, crying, and relating to it all.

If you've been looking for the time you've been missing since becoming a mom and want to prioritize you back into your life, this book will show you how to get it, own it, and make it work for you. Get ready to become a time momager.

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“A must read for any mom facing the daily struggles of balancing it all. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered in ways you didn’t think possible.” -Mona, mom of 2

“Time Momagement is life changing. I never imagined a different way to live my hectic life as a working mom. Marisa outlines specific and efficient ways to make your time count for you.” -Gina, mom of 2

“You will find yourself laughing, crying, and saying “that’s me”! Find the time to read this book; you will thank yourself in the morning!” -Barbara, mom of 3

Time Momagement : How to Get the Time You Need to Do the Things You Want