3 Ways to Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Hustle as a Working Mom

Presented by Marisa Lonic, founder of Mama Work It, best selling author, keynote speaker and mom of 4 kids, this webinar is a jam packed hour with practical steps you can take TODAY to shift from employee to entrepreneur. 


Work smarter not harder

So you can ditch your 9-5 identity and show up as your CEO self

Juggle without struggle

Learn how to keep all the balls in the air without feeling like a hot mess

The #1 way to grow

How to show up when you're not motivated, tired or questioning it all

Tell me more...

For 3 years, Marisa Lonic ran Mama Work It alongside her corporate executive career. Along the way, she dealt with sleepless nights, pregnancy and delivery of her fourth baby, toddler tantrums, homeschool (thanks to the pandemic), and so much more. During that time, she was able to write and publish 2 books, create globally top rated courses, and launch a top 50 podcast in its first 4 months on air. She did this without riding the struggle bus or losing her damn mind.

If leaving your 9-5 is a dream you have, but getting your business off the ground needs to come first, this webinar is for you.

Save Your Seat!

Learn SIMPLE ways to maximize your time, efforts and growth so you can fully step into your business and passion while juggling #momlife.

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