How to...

Work from Home

With Kids

During a Pandemic

new course!


The pandemic has hit working parents HARD.


We're juggling parent life, work life, spouse life, fill-in-the-blank life, while trying to maintain our sanity and maybe even homeschool our kids.

In my newest course, How to Work from Home with Kids During a Pandemic, I’m going to teach you practical things you can do to feel less stressed and more energized. Regaining control of your time is crucial if you want to figure out how to work from home with kids during a pandemic. I’ll also talk about mindset and focus so you can stop feeling guilty about not giving enough of yourself to your job, your kids, your spouse, or even yourself. At the end of this course, you'll be more productive and organized without feeling overwhelmed and tirelessly busy. You'll learn strategies you can implement TODAY that will make a difference in the way you parent, the way you work, the way you show up in your relationship, and the way you show up for yourself.

Coaching & Mentorship



Time   uhhh, what?

Ever feel like since becoming a mom you’re missing something?

Give me a T

Give me an I

Give me an M

Give me an E

What’s that spell?!

TIME!  (Sorry, I was a cheerleader for eight years.  I can’t help myself.)

Back to business.  Yes, time.  It is such a hot commodity when you start raising tiny humans, isn’t it?

You suddenly can’t find the time to text people back…or put on make-up…or update your resume…or write your memoir. 


Whatever your goals are, big or small, they often don’t make it to the completed side of your to-do list, do they?

Don’t worry, mama.  I got your back.  I’m a certified time momager.  I’ve written a bestselling book, developed an e-course, and now…NOW…I’m finally starting to offer coaching and mentorship to all the mamas who want to make shit happen, but are just missing that one important component: the time to actually do it.


Here are some things I KNOW I can help you accomplish:

  • Turning your current far-fetched dream into a tangible, accomplishable goal

  • Ending each day feeling accomplished and satisfied, rather than exhausted and defeated

  • Gaining clarity and focus so you can develop a clear road map toward your destination, wherever that may be

  • Carving out time every single day to spend on you-whether that is a small daily accomplishment or a step toward a major one…and (wait for it) NOT feeling guilty about it

  • Feeling good overall: healthy, energetic, happy so you can do more, look great, and be all about those positive vibes only

want to make more money?

Avocado Toast

want to be healthier?

want to become a published author?

want to start a business?

Basically, I want to help you live your best life.  Can I get an AMEN, sista?!

Educating others and helping them succeed has been part of my DNA since I started working at age 12.  Here are some roles I’ve held since that have helped me get to where I’m standing right now.  PS-none of them came easy, but they’ve all shaped me into the woman I am today. 


In no particular order, here they are:

  • Teacher

  • Professor

  • Tutor

  • Fitness instructor

  • Babysitter

  • Cheerleading coach

  • Waiter

  • Trainer

  • Retail associate

  • Mentor

  • Wife

  • Mama

  • Corporate executive

  • Blogger

  • Consultant

  • Author

  • Content creator

  • Course creator

Are we a good fit?

Do you like nice people who also speak the truth and push you to be better?

Do you enjoy Y2K rap music as well as today’s hits with a splash of 90s alternative?

If you had a choice between never swearing again or never eating chocolate again, you might opt to die.

Your friends would describe you as creative and ambitious, yet also a tad weird and anything but basic. 

You love organizing your closet equally as much as binge watching reality TV.  Both feed your soul in different ways.

If the above describes you, we may have just become best friends. 


Virtual high five, boo!


Still not sure?

Book a FREE 30 minute discovery call with Marisa.

Before you stop reading because you’ve convinced yourself now is not the time to invest in a coaching program, let me tell you a little story.  It goes like this.


Meg told herself last December that on January 1st, she’d start looking for a new job.  “After the holidays”, she thought, “that’s when I’ll do it”.  January arrived and it was time for her kids to head back to school after the break.  She got wrapped up in work projects (which also had been pushed to after the holidays), volunteer gigs since school was back in full blown session, and—believe it or not—registration for next year’s preschool year.  When she turned around to finally sit down and start the process, her kid got a virus, which then her toddler got, which then her husband got, which then she got.  After a ten-day vomiting fiasco, she took a much-needed rest and told herself her new deadline was March.  Yes, in March, she’d get back on track and start that process.  Well March arrived and so did very bad weather, which never makes anyone feel very motivated to do much of anything except snuggle up on the couch during those nighttime hours to yourself and binge watch some bad TV while eating some bad-for-you snacks.  Then, the news and social media newsfeed started filling Meg’s head with anxiety driving thoughts and she spent the next week on a quest for toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  After countless hours and multiple trips to multiple supermarkets, schools closed and Meg turned into a full-time employee, full-time mother, full-time chef, and full-time stress ball.  Now was definitely not the time to start looking for that new job.  Right?

Here’s the thing, Meg, and you-my patient and dedicated reader whose attention I still have (thank you by the way), the perfect time to start something NEVER arrives.  There will always be a reason to not do something you want to do.  Sometimes, you should listen to that reason.  Most times, you shouldn’t.  I am going to help you decide when those times should be and how to actually find the time once you’ve made that decision. 
If you’re sick of saying, “I’ll start Monday”…
If you’re tired of feeling tired… 
If you’re fired up and not feeling bad for yourself after reading this...
Then, please girl, sign up for this package! 
Here’s what you’ll be getting with it:
  1. Four 45 minute, one-on-one virtual coaching sessions over four weeks
  2. A Mama Work It journal to use during our sessions
  3. A signed copy of my book (aka the Bible of time management for moms), Time Momagement
  4. An acquired mindset and skillset to continue kicking ass once we’re done and the ability to continue on with our sessions at 25% off (special promo code granted upon completion)

"As a busy mother of two, I needed something to change in my life. I felt like I never had time for myself and that I was just destined to feel overwhelmed.  Taking this e-course changed everything! It was motivating, inspiring, and gave me all the right tools! Best of all, Marisa, is so engaging and witty that I had a ton of fun doing it! I would highly recommend this course to every mama!!"

-Kate, San Francisco

do something today your future self will thank you for.

Book a free discovery call to learn more

The Get More Time Project E-course

Hey mama, does this sound familiar?

Mom guilt that I’m not spending enough time with my kids
Anxiety that I’m not performing enough at work or at home or at all

Resentment that I'm not doing anything for me

If I only had more time...

The magic phrase that feels like it could cure 99% of our mama struggles.


Here are some huge wins you'll be celebrating by the end of this project:


  • Pinpoint your goals and the ways YOU want to spend YOUR time. Want to start a business? Spend more time with your family? Strengthen your marriage? Lose weight? You can make any of this possible with more time.

  • Fit these goals into your daily schedule by changing the things you think you can't. Think you don't have time, think again.

  • Show you how to stay motivated and keep you on track for the long term (no more starting, but not staying strong).

  • Tame the time beast when she's out of control. Have areas of your life you think you can't change? I'll show you how you can regain control of that time and make it work for you.

  • Enhance your communication techniques so you can get what you want when you want it. More support? More flexibility? More money? Whatever it is, if you don't communicate effectively, your chances of obtaining it are not going to be in your favor. Learn how to spend less time getting frustrated and more time getting what you want asap.

  • And many more tips I'll share on balancing mom life, wife life, work life, fill in the blank life.

Do something today your future self will thank you for and give yourself the gift of more time for YOU.  Your kids will thank you for it.  Your husband will thank you for it.  YOU will thank you for it.  

Join me and other mamas on this crazy ride to get back to the balanced and sane world you've been missing. 

Get the time you need to do the things you want.  #GMTP

hear what mAmas are saying about GMTP

"This project was beneficial in reminding me that I am important and I need to make myself a priority. It was very motivational and opened my eyes to new ways to get things done in my life. I plan on using the tools Marisa taught me to accomplish my goals and ask for help. Thanks, Mama!"

-Jenna, New York

"As a busy mom of two, I needed something to change my life. I felt like I never had time for myself that I was just destined to feel overwhelmed. Taking this e-course changed everything! It was motivating, inspiring, and gave me all the right tools! Best of all, Marisa is so engaging and witty that I had a ton of fun doing it. I would highly recommend this course to every mama!!"

-Kate, San Francisco