Word to your mother

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Word to Your Mother

A Mama's Guide to Journal Today & Slay Tomorrow


When you feel good you do good.


Being able to get things done as a mom is half planning, half feeling good.


Spending a few minutes every night to journal and reflect on your day actually helps you feel good and plan a better tomorrow. It all goes together.


Keep this bad boy on your nightstand and get into the 15-minute-per-night habit of filling out your pages.


This process will help you get to know you, boost your daily productivity, and ultimately live your best life.

"The journal for non-journalers and the planner for all."

-Rachel, mom of 2

"An easy to follow and simple way to prioritize important things, including myself.  This daily habit has changed my life and made me so much more productive."

-Cheryl, mom of 3

Time Momagement

A little book about goal setting, prioritizing, and managing

your time during the challenging mama years


I bet your tired AF mom-self is reading this right now thinking, “I have no time to read this book.” Mama, I feel you. As moms, we are pretty tapped when it comes to time. It’s a luxury we feel we don’t have much of these days. Why? Because being a mom is the most selfless lifestyle you can and will ever live, but that doesn’t mean it has to also be self-sacrificing. Find out how to get the time you need to do the things you want all while being the amazing mom you are. Time Momagement will show you how to prioritize you back into your life via actionable steps, time-saving tips, healthy habits, and true stories of wins and failures from the author herself, Marisa Volpe Lonic.


Get ready to become a time momager.


“A must read for any mom facing the daily struggles of balancing it all. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered in ways you didn’t think possible.” 

-Mona, mom of 2

“You will find yourself laughing, crying, and saying “that’s me”!  Find the time to read this book; you will thank yourself in the morning!” 

-Barbara, mom of 3

"As a busy mother of two, I needed something to change in my life. I felt like I never had time for myself and that I was just destined to feel overwhelmed.  Taking this e-course changed everything! It was motivating, inspiring, and gave me all the right tools! Best of all, Marisa, is so engaging and witty that I had a ton of fun doing it! I would highly recommend this course to every mama!!"

-Kate, San Francisco

"Time Momagement was life changing. I never imagined a different way to live my hectic life as a working mom. Marisa outlines specific and efficient ways to make your time count for you."

-Gina, mom of 2

Time Momagement

Go from stressed to obsessed with your life and schedule in just 4 weeks

If you're a busy AF mom who wants to...

  • Regain control of your time, schedule and life

  • Feel less overwhelmed and more empowered

  • Level up your mindset, systems, and lifestyle

  • Stop ending each day feeling exhausted and defeated

...you are in the right place.

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