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Hormones…WHY must you haunt me so?

I don’t like to point the finger at someone else for my behaviors. Ok, who am I kidding? My gut reaction to things 70% of the time is to blame my husband for something when maybe he is to blame only 35% of the time. Enough statistics. Seriously though, I think hormones are really the blame of a lot…A LOT.

I am emotional. I literally want to cry because of world hunger, my inability to cook dinner without spilling 4 things or watching a Hallmark commercial. Hormones.

I am fat. Ok, I’m not really fat, but I’m retaining water, feel bloated and look and feel the equivalent of 2.5 months pregnant. Hormones.

I am bitchy. Yeah-I’m totally blaming that on hormones, even if it’s not entirely true.

I am volatile. I am loving and warm and caring when you enter the shower and a hangry dinosaur when you exit. Hormones.

I sweat. I don’t know if any of you moms remember that lovely feeling of waking up soaking wet with sweat after you had your babies because your hormones were basically having a rave dance party in your body and trying to break free? Yeah-hormones.

Rant over. Enjoy your day…hormones and all.

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