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Gotta Have Girlfriends

I don't care how old you are, how Superwomanish you are, how much your husband is your 'best friend', you gotta have girlfriends. And let me just say, I'm dedicating this post to my amazing ones back in NY. After spending a jam-packed 48 hours on my little Island, I am leaving with a full heart and sore cheeks from all the love and laughter we shared.

For us working mamas, making friends ain't easy. And let's get real, maintaining friends ain't so easy either. Between working, commuting, cooking, laundry, quality time with my fam, and a sprinkle of 'me-time' here and there, who's got time for girlfriends? Well, let me just say, when you got good girlfriends like I do, a year can pass without a real conversation and when you see each other, you feel like you're back in high school (or whenever the time in your life was when you had time to do enjoyable things together) and no time has passed (minus the fact that your convos revolve around potty training now and not the basketball team).

Recently, I was chatting with that lovely life coach of mine, God bless that woman. She brought something up that was a real eye opener. She said that venting is such a crucial step when you're trying to solve a problem or reach a goal. I hate complaining-I hate dwelling-I hate worrying, so when thinking of the steps I need to take to overcome something, bitching about it doesn't seem like it should take up any space on my already long list of things to do. But, you know what? Venting is necessary and girlfriends are necessary because those are the chicks you need to listen and then say, "Yeah, I've been there."

So I’m toasting my am coffee today to all the girlfriends out there, who we may or may not talk to everyday. The value you have in my life is immeasurable and I’m so honored to call you my friends. Now, let’s get back to our conversation about toddler vomit.

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