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Q1 @ a Glance

I'm evaluating my Q1, my personal Q1. Here's how I'm rating myself this quarter:

1. Administration - Measures effectiveness in planning, organizing and efficiently handling activities and eliminating unnecessary activities.

This certainly hasn't been my best quarter with planning and organizing. I am hardly scraping up the energy to cook numerous meals on the weekends and meal plan for the week, but hey-we're still eating (semi) home-cooked dinners every night and I've gained close to 20 lbs (I'm pregnant-don't panic), so I'd give myself a solid 7 on this one.

2. Knowledge of Work - Consider employee's skill level, knowledge and understanding of all phases of the job and those requiring improved skills and/or experience.

Yeah, I'm still probably the only one in the house who knows it all, not to sound sound conceited, but when you get a phone call asking where something is every 7 minutes, you have to give yourself some of the credit here. Nonetheless, I think overall I'm doing a better job at letting go and allowing some responsibilities to be handled by others in their own way, which I think is also a good part of this aspect. Any experienced manager knows you can't do everything yourself, so get a good, solid team in place and do the best you can. My rating: 8.

3. Communication - Measures effectiveness in listening to others, expressing ideas, both orally and in writing and providing relevant and timely information to management, co-workers, subordinates and customers.

Here I think things are going pretty well. I've come to terms with the fact that assertiveness needs to happen in specific situations and expectations shouldn't be the norm. It's still frustrating as hell, don't get me wrong, but it's made me a little more at peace with my current childcare situation. Rating myself a 6 here because I'm still human and hormonal.

4. Teamwork - Measures how well this individual gets along with fellow employees, respects the rights of other employees and shows a cooperative spirit.

I don't think I can probably give myself a fair rating here because let's face it, living with/interacting with/regularly talking to a pregnant woman can be challenging. Honestly, sometimes I don't even trust my own judgement. I'd like to say I'm still doing my part and being cooperative, but getting along I think I've had better quarters. I'll give myself an average 5 here and now the over achiever in me will sulk and analyze on how shitty it is to receive a 'C' on a test.

5. Decision Making/Problem Solving - Measures effectiveness in understanding problems and making timely, practical decisions.

Sorry, not sorry, but I'm going with a 9 here. I made some decisions/goals this year and so far I'm on track toward achieving them. I booked us an entire road trip for example without getting frustrated and having numerous discussions with my spouse and I'm taking charge of some other familial and personal activity decisions as well. It's not that I don't want my hub's input here, it's that I know he will agree, so rather than have a long, painful, interrupted discussion when we're both exhausted at the end of the day, I just did it and emailed him the details. It was great.

6. Expense Management - Measures effectiveness in establishing appropriate reporting and control procedures; operating efficiently at lowest cost; staying within established budgets.

Not to make excuses, but I would have been able to save us a ton more money this quarter if the IRS wasn't asking for $5k at tax time. WTF. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am granting myself a 6 here.

7. Managing Change and Improvement - Measures effectiveness in initiating changes, adapting to necessary changes from old methods when they are no longer practical, identifying new methods and generating improvement in facility's performance.

This wasn't really a pressing theme this quarter except for the hubs getting a new job and our slightly having to adjust our schedules. Minimal disruption, handled fine (minus one day I'd rather not share). I'll say 8 due to the ease of this one.

8. Customer Responsiveness - Measures responsiveness and courtesy in dealing with internal staff, external customers and vendors; employee projects a courteous manner.

I've read this a few times and am trying to really self examine here. Let's just go with 6 and leave it at that.

9. Personal Appearance - Measures neatness and personal hygiene appropriate to position.

Well, I'm still showering daily. My glam has gone slightly downhill lately due to my utter exhaustion, but I wouldn't say I've let myself totally go. I still wear make-up to work, even if some days it is just mascara and blush. I do make sure those days at least my hair looks good. I can do better though. I am a glama-mama after all. 7 and will be striving to improve next quarter ;) .

10. Safety - Measures individual's work habits and attitudes as they apply to working safely. Consider their contribution to accident prevention, safety awareness, ability to care for property and keep work space safe and tidy.

Well, some days I could care less if my house looked like a tidal wave of toys and laundry had hit, but most days I am pretty on point with the space being clean & tidy, so I'd say I'm staying up there around 8 with this. I'm also nesting, and so far I have cleaned out 2.5 closets. Winning.

11. Dependability - Measures how well employee complies with instructions and performs under unusual circumstances; consider record of attendance and punctuality.

Tough one. I think I've been more engaged and dependable in past Qs. I've allowed myself a slightly selfish quarter here calling it a night early or skipping out on playtime, so I'm calling a spade a spade and reflecting on how I can do better. I really want to do better, and trust me when I say, it's on my list of goals (sort of indirectly with some other changes I need to make) to do better, so I will. I'm giving myself an 8 here because a. I certainly don't suck and b. recognizing the need for improvement deserves some sort of brownie point in my opinion.

So how'd you do this quarter? Why not give yourself an evaluation? it's pretty eye opening to see how you rate yourself, where you can do better and where you are killing it. I'll certainly be reflecting over my glass of non-alcoholic green juice later. Yum.

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