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Date Night for Parents

These days…date nights are few and far between. For one, we have 3 small yet demanding people living with us that basically suck out all the energy we have daily. By the time those energy sucking angels are sleeping, most times, so are we. With us both being working parents, our weekends are spent working our second and third jobs of parenting and house management. And then, there’s cost. We happen to live in one of the most expensive parts of the country, so babysitting don’t come cheap and if you don’t have family around (like us), you’re typically spending double on your date night, which makes my practical self feel pretty guilty which in turn causes me to schedule less date nights leading to very little QT with my hubs that doesn’t include watching Netflix. Sad, sad story (and also my life). Wah wah.

But hold up, homegirls. Before you start loathing in self-pity like I was, let me tell you about a product I came across that resolved the dateless nights we had been having. In fact, if you are an exhausted mama who just isn’t feeling putting on makeup or Spanx for a date night, then this, girlfriends, is for you.

Full disclosure, I tried Bonding Bees last fall. I found this company on Instagram and thought it was a great concept, so I ordered my first date in a box as an anniversary gift for my hubs. I know, slightly sneaky since I really was the one who wanted it, but I thought it would make a cute gift. The verdict: my hubs wasn’t into that month’s theme and honestly the activity ended up being a family one we did with the kids. Even though we didn’t move forward at the time, I kept following on Insta because, well, I still really liked the whole concept. Every month, I’d see these fun boxes and think, “We gotta try that again.” And finally, we did.

We got our May box on Friday, which was perfect timing. On Saturday, after a pretty long day of food shopping and laundry and swim class and coloring and everything else, we were able to get our kids to sleep at a normal time. At 8:30pm, we started our ‘date’. Best part-date was over by 9:45pm, and we went to bed. Yeah, late nights these days are worse than college hangovers because at least in college you could take Tylenol and chug Gatorade and watch Bravo all day. But now, no matter what happens the night before, your live human alarm clock literally jumps on you at 6:30am and makes repetitive and ruthless requests which basically don’t end until they go to sleep again that night. So needless to say, the short duration was welcome.

I gotta say, some of the verbiage made me giggle. I felt kind of silly at first reading the descriptions and playing the games when you’ve been married almost a decade. But, then again, when you involve food in any date, my hubs will definitely take it seriously. I guess it’s true what they say about food being the key to a man’s heart. So, the fact that this date started with funnel cake making got that man participating and engaged real fast.

There was also a fun, yet slightly complicated strategy game we played (and won). My favorite part? The prize you got at the end for ‘winning’. I mean realistically, you would get the prize anyway, but we played by the rules 😉. I won’t spoil it, but it was totally adorable and useful.

And then there’s the cost. I mean, seriously, when was the last time you went on a date with your man and didn’t spend $100 or more? And I’m not talking about taking your napping children to In-N-Out and eating burgers in the car because I’ve never done that. Wink. Bonding Bees has packages as low as $32 a month AND if you’re reading this and subscribed to my site, they’re offering an exclusive promo for you, mama (and additional $10 off your first month). AMAZING deal and a no-brainer to give it a try if you ask me.

I’ll end with one more thing. Kayla, Bonding Bees’ Founder, is just about the nicest person I’ve ever met. She’s passionate about her mission, her business, and her customers. She features couples each month and donates to their charity of choice. She provides jobs for mentally challenged packaging all those date boxes she ships out each month. She collaborates with small businesses to promote their products. I mean if you just want to support this incredible woman even by recommending Bonding Bees to someone else, I’ll just say one word: KARMA. Put positivity out there and it will come back to you.

To order your first Bonding Bees box at a discounted rate, click here and enter promo code MamaWorkIt. You can also follow the company on Instagram @bondingbees.

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