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Tired Mama Beauty Hacks

Are you one of the fortunate people who started their week with the WORST possible comment someone can say to you as a hardworking, proud member, gold medal winning, got-her-shit-together-most-of-the-time mama? I did.

You know what that comment was?

Wait for it...

“You look tired.”

Oh no she didn’t. Snap, snap, snap. Head tilt and neck turn.

“You look tired” aka the PC way to say, “You look like shit”.

But yeah, that happened to me this week. And you know what the funny thing is. It wasn’t one of my really tired days. WTF?!

And you know what else?

Yeah, I am eff-ing tired. I keep 3 little humans alive and on the average scale of growth. I keep a husband fed and satisfied (naw mean). I keep not a job, a career (and a damn good one). And I keep myself looking pretty good. Or so I thought, until the well-meaning, old woman at the bus stop said, “You look tired.”

So you know what I did?

Nope, I didn’t get arrested for punching her in the face. You should know me by now. I wouldn’t mess up my manicure for a comment so meek.

I googled the shit out of 'how to hide tired eyes' and I am sharing the wisdom of my elaborate research and put action into practice. Enjoy.

1. Apply concealer in a triangle shape: Apply it down the sides of your nose and up to the outer corner of your eyes, completing a triangle at your tear ducts. It will cover dark circles better and make your skin look more vibrant.

Also, be sure your concealer is a tad lighter than your foundation.

2. Curl your lashes: Don’t just put on mascara, take the extra 10 seconds and curl those babies! Angle the curler slightly upwards as you curl to open and widen your eyes.

Also, invest in a good mascara. I’ve tried so many and I always go back to one that doesn’t disappoint. And no, it’s not ridiculously expense. Find it here.

Oh and always do black mascara, no matter what.

3. Shimmer it up: Use a shimmery, light shadow on/around the tear duct.

Bonus—this also can act as a highlighter on cheek bones and will make all the difference in adding some brightness to your eyes and face.

If you got the time, put cucumber slices on your eyes for 5-10 minutes at night. I know, I know, I know. I’m getting all fancy, but it will help with puffiness. And speaking of puffiness, drink your eff-ing water. Water retention doesn’t look good on anyone, especially a tired mama.

Good luck, mama. And next time someone tells you that you look tired, just know, no one who ever accomplished the many things you are probably looked well-rested.

Keep workin’ it, (tired) mama.

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