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The Best Job Sites for Flexible Work

A lot of moms ask me about flexible work options. Some are currently working and getting burnt by the daily grind. Some have taken a break and are ready to re-enter the work force, but not full force. Some aren't really sure what they want to do and just want to check out the options available. Whatever your situation is, here's some research to help you on your flexible work journey. You're welcome. :) What I love about this site is that when you enter it, it’s like a total education on work place flexibility. They offer a quiz to see what exactly you’re looking for (remote work, flexible hours, light travel, you name it), which helps you tailor your search, understand potentially new terminology and also get a better feel for what will fit your lifestyle. Coming from a background in L & D, I can really appreciate this informational vibe. Also, being super analytical, I love the stats displayed on their site and research they provide to help support the corporate culture change of workplace flexibility they’re supporting. For example, “96% of U.S. professionals say they need flexibility, but only 47% have it” via a study from the Harvard Business Review. Employers pay for posts, so it’s free for you as a job seeker. You’ll need to sign up, but don’t worry-they don’t spam you too often, and their emails are actually interesting and informative backed by stats and articles.

Power to Fly: Fair warning! Power to Fly will be a bit more visible in your inbox, but don’t be alarmed. Their emails are actually pretty engaging and also offer awesome 'lunch & learn' virtual opportunities to hear insightful talks from professional women. Another cool trademark is they feature ‘companies that care’ in these messages, where they highlight their awesome benefits or return to work programs. From a volume perspective, Power to Fly has a lot of opportunities on their job board, but they also may not all be what you’re looking for—so potentially a bit more weeding through? Or maybe a way to open up your mind to new areas of professional development? Depends if you’re a glass half empty, glass half full type of gal, I guess. Overall, a solid site with lots of options to choose from on the job board side.

The Second Shift: A company founded by two working moms, based in my OG homebase: NYC. I’ve met these ladies and they are super passionate about the mission behind what they’re doing. Their motto is, “Make Work Work For You”. Amen! Alleluia! With so much talent out there in the mom-world, shouldn’t some companies be waking up and letting this happen already rather than lose out on such a valuable population of brain power? The Second Shift is finding those companies and connecting them with smarty pants mamas who want more flexible options. The Second Shift works like this: you apply to be a member and select areas you’re experienced in to build out your profile, you get screened, and then you’re sent via email invitations to pitch yourself to projects. They take a cut from the employer and a smaller cut from you as the member in exchange for being the middle woman. Projects range from short term, free-lance assignments to full-time maternity leave coverages to even part and full time permanent hires. We hired a consultant through the Second Shift and couldn’t be happier. Their quality of candidates is top notch, hence the additional screening you need to go through when you apply as a member. A great way to see what’s out there and have only appropriate options come across your screen.

The Free Mama Movement: Looking to go freelance but don’t know where to start? My friend Lauren Golden offers an amazing prep course on doing just that. She founded the Free Mama after struggling with being an ambitious professional woman and wanting to spend more time at home with three little kiddos. After much thought and deliberation, she quit her 9-5 and started freelancing. In just one year, she had surpassed her corporate income and worked half the time as a VAC (Virtual Administrative Consultant). Her website features a ton of testimonials and if you’re not sure this is the right step for you, you can join her FREE Facebook group to meet other mamas who’ve done her program, are currently doing her program or maybe even just considering her program. The cost is about $1,000 and time commitment is 12 weeks.

So there you have it, mama. Now go work it...flexibly.

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