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When life gives you lemons…make limoncello.

This summer we moved. Have you ever moved with kids? It’s not fun.

I'll compare it to childbirth. It’s pretty awful and then you quickly forget about it, which is why, a few years later, you likely move again or have another kid. Ok, that's not what this post is about.

One of the best things about moving, though, was that I inherited fruit trees in our new backyard! Growing up in New York, this is so not normal. The harshness of the winter kills basically everything, and my dad would literally wrap his fig tree in warm-winter clothing and put it in the garage for those months to preserve it each year. In California though, our fruit trees thrive ALL. YEAR. LONG. Well, at least, for the past 5 months that I’ve now been in my home, I can with confidence say that our lemon tree is just dropping lemons like a rapper drops dollar bills in da club. Our lemon tree is making it rain with lemons. And I am loving it.

So what better way to put those lemons to good use than to make one of my favorite liquors from my Italian culture: limoncello! Have you ever had it? It’s an awesome after-dinner drink served best straight from the freezer and in frozen shot glasses. Yes, impress your guests with some freezing, homemade liquor and you will surely feel like the Italian version of Martha Stewart.

It’s pretty simple, but it does require almost a week’s time, so plan ahead. Although I consider myself a PHD in planning, I failed at this this year and didn’t make my batch in time to gift it to our preschool teacher, who will now be receiving a very late Christmas bottle of homemade limoncello from my kids on January 8, 2019. Whatevs.

So here's the not-so-secret recipe and some pics of my limoncello making experience. Salute!


  • 6 lemons (I used 8 because I’m an overachiever)

  • 1 liter bottle of 120 proof Everclear (aka grain alcohol)

  • 1 liter of water (about 4 cups)

  • 2 cups of sugar


  • Skin your lemons with a potato peeler and place them in an air sealed container. Add the liter of alcohol and seal immediately. If you also have a tree, throw in some leaves. Make sure you’ve washed your lemons and leaves though before because otherwise, eww.

  • Let the mixture of lemons rinds, leaves (if you have them) and alcohol sit in that airtight container for about five days.

  • Wait....wait....wait....and wait some more.

  • On the fifth day, boil your liter of water and add the sugar so it melts. Let the sugar water mixture cool.

  • Once cool, drain your lemon/alcohol mixture and add that liquid to the sugar water mixture. I drained mine right into the sugar water mixture because besides being an overachiever, I'm also very good at multitasking.

  • Grab a funnel and pour into some bottles. I ordered mine on Amazon.

  • Freeze the bottle, then enjoy some after your fancy mac and cheese dinner with your kids after a long day.

Ciao bella!