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The Best Mother's Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day, do yourself a HUGE favor. Let go of expectations.

You may or you may not get breakfast in bed.

You may or you may not get a handmade card.

You may or you may not get 12 straight hours of well behaved children.

Ha! Let’s be honest, you will definitely not get that.

Here’s what I mean though, don’t rely on others to give you what you really need this Mother’s Day. Gift yourself, that’s right you to you, one or more of the following things. Most cost nothing, so no excuses on budgets or guilt. Just do it. And then see how you eff-ing amazing you feel at the end of the day.

Sleep. Tell your partner in advance of your sleep plans. Will this be sleeping in? A nap in the middle of the afternoon? Going to bed early? Communicate your plan and then go to sleep, guilt free.

A beauty service or product. Book your mani-pedi now or schedule your trip to Sephora into your Sunday. If that doesn’t gel with your Mother’s Day plans, order yourself a subscription to Ipsy bag or Birchbox. Glamming up in some way, shape or form always elevates my mood. Hopefully, it does the same for you too.

An hour of exercise with your favorite jams and maybe even a friend. Go ahead and make yourself an awesome 90s jams playlist and block out this time now. I love taking a hike with a friend, especially this time of year. If that’s not your thing, what about a spin or Zumba class? Or a solo dance sesh in the privacy of your own dance club bedroom?