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DIY Hand & Body Lotion

When my twins were babies, they both had eczema and sensitive skin. I tried different over the counter creams, but I was also pretty holistic and didn’t want to put a bunch of chemicals on them if I didn’t have to.

I found a DIY recipe for an eczema body lotion for babies and decided to try creating a solution myself, literally. It worked! The cream smelled so good and was so rich, I decided to opt out of using Aveeno for a while and start using it myself. I’m a night showerer, so it was no issue putting this pretty oily ointment on my body, because I was just getting into bed after, but if you’re planning to use this in the morning hours, beware. It takes a little time for your skin to absorb this magic and you may not want to put on your silk shirt or cashmere sweater before you’re dry. But, actually, as I write this, who’s wearing silk shirts and cashmere sweaters right now anyway? #2020

Anyway, over the years, I’ve gifted this incredibly smelling cream as Christmas presents, used it on myself and my other two babes, and tweaked the recipe a bit to suit my liking. I hadn’t made this cream in a while because I lost my essential oil stash and kind of lost the motivation to as well. But this weird week between Christmas and New Year’s, as I was putting away all my supplies that I ordered with the $400 I had left in my FSA account (#firstworldproblems), everything I needed to whip up a batch of this magic potion was just staring at me from my linen closet. And so, I got to work. And, also, because I’m not a hoarder, in the sense of information, I’m sharing it with you! And also, also because I like to make things super simple and I’m cool like that, I’m going to link out to where you can buy all the supplies you need for this. You’re welcome.

First things first. What you'll need:

1/2 cup of shea butter : I found this one on Amazon.

1/2 cup of coconut oil : I use this one from Trader Joe’s because I also use it to cook with. Even better, you can also find this on Amazon if you don’t shop there or if you just prefer to order that shit.

Tea tree essential oil & lavender essential oil : So, I ordered the Young's Living brand when I started making this cream because a dear friend of mine was selling it and it was convenient for me to purchase from her. To be honest, I know nothing about which brand is best, but I will drop a link to my current preferred gal who sells in the DoTerra brand so you can easily order here. If you have a mom friend MLM’ing this, feel free to support her biz and order from her.

Now that you’re prepared…let’s get to work.

Ok, let me preface this by saying, you’ll need about 15 minutes of time and that’s it. I recommend popping on some good jams and dancing while you make this because it’s not, like, super fun and you can make it more enjoyable that way. Otherwise, you can listen to my audiobook or upcoming podcast because I will never pass up the opportunity to pop a shameless plug in my own blog post. Let’s go.

1. Get a medium sized pot and put some water in there. Heat it on your stove, but don’t bring it a boil.

2. In a glass bowl or smaller pot that you can place on top (to act as a double boiler-like you’re melting chocolate), add 1/2 cup of shea butter & 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Melt until both are combined and no large clumps remain. Stir often.

3. Remove from heat and add the essential oils. Add 8-10 drops of tea tree oil and 25-30 drops of lavender. Mix together.

4. Pour into a glass jar. I reused a jam jar. Whatever container you use, I recommend ensuring it has a wide top, as you want your hand to fit easily to the bottom to be able to get the cream when the supply gets low.

5. Refrigerate until it’s no longer liquidy, but not to the point when it gets to be a firm, iceblockish consistency. If this happens because life gets in the way of you remembering to remove your fancy DIY cream from the fridge (it will likely happen), don’t sweat it. Just take it out, and leave it out for a few hours until it gets to room temperature again. Or put it in the bathroom while you’re showering so the steam heats it a little quicker.