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Find Your Communication Style

Ever wonder why you say one thing, but someone understands something completely different? Two words: Communication Style. Often times, people we talk to on the reg don't have the same style we do, AND we tend to usually communicate in our own style-the one that comes most naturally to us.

The first step to being a better communicator is to know what kind of communicator you even are. Get ready to step back into Y2K with this fun Cosmo style quiz I developed to help you find your communication style, mama. If you've read Time Momagement, you've likely already taken this quiz. If you haven't, read it so you can learn even more communication tips and tricks when it comes to effectively speaking your mind!

Your kid’s teacher requests a parent-teacher conference regarding your son’s behavior. What’s your first reaction?

  1. You e-mail her back and schedule it immediately for that afternoon, talk with your kid about it, and create a positive discipline chart at home.

  2. You e-mail her back and schedule for later in the week, ask some questions in your message, and buy a book on positive discipline to learn more about the concept.

  3. You call her and schedule the meeting—you want to connect and hear her voice. Then you ask your mom friends more about positive discipline.

  4. You e-mail her back to schedule for later in the week and start thinking of ways you can improve the issue. Maybe an incentive chart or maybe more one on one time or maybe a family vacation?

Your husband tells you his company was acquired, and he consequently got laid off. What’s your first reaction?

  1. “Let me jazz up your LinkedIn profile for you. You’ll be interviewing by Friday.”

  2. “What happened? What’s the severance package? Can you apply to another role within the company? I’m going to Google the acquisition, hang on.”

  3. “Oh no, babe. I am so sorry. Are you ok? What can I do to help? Do you want a beer? Or a back rub? I’ll contact my friend who’s a recruiter to help you out.”

  4. “Let’s talk about it. How about a career change? You always said you wanted to go into sales…”

You just found what you thought was the best deal on a pair of shoes at Nordstrom. You get to check-out and the salesperson says they were mismarked. What do you do?

  1. Make a quick decision, and that decision is YES. Pull out your credit card and don’t look back.

  2. Step offline, take out your phone and do a search online to see if you can find the shoes cheaper elsewhere, contemplate for a bit while you look at other shoes, then decide to buy them. It makes sense.

  3. Call your bestie, describe the shoes heel to toe, tell her how amazing they make you feel, then buy them because she convinces you that you deserve them.

  4. Imagine yourself wearing the shoes on vacation, with your husband in Paris, or even on date night this Friday in the city. I mean, you could even wear these babies to preschool pickup, and it would change your day. Sold.

The pediatrician tells you that your kid isn’t hitting all the milestones at 18-months-old. Which best sounds like you?

  1. You Google the milestones, schedule a meeting with your nanny and come up with an action plan on practicing them daily—all before leaving the parking lot.

  2. You research milestones on various websites that evening, sleep on it, talk with your husband and ultimately conclude that you think your kid is fine, but if things don’t change in two months, you’ll revisit the issue.

  3. You hug your baby, call your mom, and cry a little. Then you contact a developmental expert to come over and evaluate.

  4. You make a list of questions for Google and find some new parenting concepts and theories. After reading up on this, you realize that milestone measurement is different everywhere and you’re going to start parenting in a more Swedish fashion

It’s Moms’ Night Out and your turn to plan. What do you do?

  1. Make a reservation immediately at the hot spot that you’ve been dying to get into since it opened. Then you send everyone an Evite with the details.

  2. Do a YELP search and compare three places’ star ratings before deciding. Choose the one that has the highest ratings, is in a convenient location, and serves the best margaritas.

  3. Ask everyone what they’re in the mood for via group text. Once you have a consensus on Mexican food, get a recommendation from your colleague and make a reservation. It also helps that your colleague’s brother is the manager. Possible free dessert?

  4. Brainstorm something unique and different, change your mind, then choose a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Even though it may be a little outside the box, everyone should still like it.

Your best friend tells you she’s getting a divorce. What’s your first reaction?

  1. “I’m so sorry. What do you need? An attorney? A girls’ getaway? A dating profile on E-Harmony? I’ll make it happen for you.”

  2. “I’m so sorry. Tell me everything. Did he cheat? Is there proof? My colleague just got a divorce, and these are steps she followed to ensure she ended up financially ok.”

  3. “I’m so sorry, honey. I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. It’s ok to just cry. I’m here for you.”

  4. “I’m so sorry. That’s so shocking. I always thought you and John were so happy. I mean you guys were always smiling in your pics on Instagram. I’ve heard of these new divorce mediators who are great for amicable divorces. You should find one!”

You find out that there’s a promotion opening up at work and it’s an area of the business you are really interested in. What does your strategy look like?

  1. Work on a proposal pitch for your boss and schedule a time to chat asap. You don’t want them to start of thinking of anyone but you for that role.

  2. Research the salary, expectations, and schedule. Plan out if it makes sense for you from all areas of life to opt-in for this role. Then, put together a fact-based proposal of why you’re right for the job.

  3. Talk to your husband, your mom, and your best friend about it. Your people always give you good advice and will help you decide if you should go for it.

  4. Look at your astrology notes and see if a job change was in the stars for you this year.

The Results

  • If you answered mostly 1’s…

You’re a “Make it Happen” communicator. You do just that. You want action. You like to keep conversation short, direct, and want a result asap.

  • If you answered mostly 2’s…

You’re a “How’s That Work” communicator. You like facts, information, and understanding it all. You’re pretty analytical and need all the details to move forward. Slow and steady wins the race for you.

  • If you answered mostly 3’s…

You’re a “Love My Peeps” communicator. You like people, and you like to talk. You tap into your network on the regular for advice, experience, and support. Hearing a story about how that issue worked for your friend goes a long way with you.

  • If you answered mostly 4’s…

You’re a “Think Outside the Box” communicator. You’re full of ideas and like to explore creative and sometimes farfetched solutions. You like to look at the bigger picture, not only the issue at hand. Sometimes you take the long road, but it gets you there nonetheless.

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