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My 2020 Reads...So Far

In 2020, I made it a goal to read 20 books. Dare I say, I’m a little behind. I could give you a list of excuses why that is, but I will not. No one wants to hear them, and I don’t want to waste my good energy and your attention span listing them here, so I won’t. I will tell you though, I am halfway there (yes, I know it's November), and I want to share with you the titles I’ve read and my thoughts on each one.

BTW, full disclosure before we begin. Since, I’m not that cool, not all my book selections are new and trendy and top sellers either. Don’t expect that because you ain’t gonna find it in this post.

Also, I’ve started far more than 10 books and I’ve finished 10 to date. I don’t think it’s fair to tell you about books I haven’t read cover to cover because I clearly lost interest or didn’t feel it was the right choice at that time, so I’d rather not put my very humble and not-that-positive opinion out there on these works of art. And indeed they are. The ability to write an entire book and publish it and have people read it is a feat of accomplishment and just because that book wasn’t speaking to me doesn’t mean it’s not awesome in its own way.

Finally, I like to read non-fiction, so basically all of my choices are that. I like to read people’s stories. I like to read about how to further develop and improve myself as an individual. I like to learn. And I like to be inspired. If that’s not your cup of tea, to be honest, I’m surprised you’ve even read this far to still be intrigued by this post. But, hey, maybe you’re looking for a change and if that’s the case, welcome aboard, friend. There’s always room for ya.

Before you make a decision on whether or not you’ll read this post because you don’t “have time” to read or you’re just “not really into reading” or Bravo is where you prefer to spend your time rather than reading, let me just say this:

· Saying “I don’t have time” is bullshit. If you want to do it, you will. If you don’t, you won’t. Period.

· If you think you’re not really ‘into reading’, I can empathize to an extent. For a long time, I believed this to be true about me too. That’s because I was opening up a physical book at 10pm while I lie in bed exhausted and could never focus on what I was verbally ingesting because I was asleep by the start of the second page. Now I listen to 90% of my books while I do something else, like exercise or clean my kitchen. Find what works for you. Any by the way, if you passed first grade, you’re into reading.

· If you’re watching Bravo every day instead of doing something that excites you, you probably need a hobby that isn’t savoring in other people’s drama. Just saying.

OK, still with me? Great! No? That’s ok. We probably weren’t meant to be friends. I don’t hate. And not everyone is going to like me. But some, ok a lot of, people do. So that’s cool. And moving on…

Ok here we go, in order of how I read these, not of importance or how much I liked them:

1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

As open-minded an individual as I am, I kind of resisted reading this at first and was weary about starting my 2020 goal of 20 books with a read I wasn’t that psyched about diving into. I don’t know if it was the title or the fact that I think more of Elizabeth Gilbert as a novelist and not a non-fiction writer, but nonetheless, I took the plunge.

Oh-Em-Gee! What a FANTASTIC read. As a dreamer and goal achiever, I was floored how much of Liz’s stories resonated with me. As a creative person who doesn’t always prioritize her creativity, I very much needed to read this. And as a believer in the universe, despite being the planner I am, I appreciated the respect and admiration Liz dedicates toward this ‘big magic’ itself. If any of these traits describe you, pick up this book and begin, NOW.