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Some of my fav things from small and operated.

With lots of things canceled lately, there are a few things that are not: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, laundry. In another era, I would have loved popping into a store and casually shopping for the recipients of these gifts. But then, I became a mom and many of those shopping trips turned into filling Amazon carts at midnight-two days before the day I needed them. Thank you, Prime. And now, I am a mom during a pandemic who MUST shop online only and Amazon isn’t even on time anymore. Wahh.

In addition to being a bit more limited with where and how I can buy things lately, I’ve also been more mindful about where those things are coming from. I’m a small business owner myself and I have felt all the things these past few months: the lack of motivation, the uncertainty of the future, the creativity of having to pivot, the painful slowness yet exhausting busyness this time has brought. And it’s reminded me and encouraged me to support my fellow mamapreneurs, especially during this time.

So, here’s my version of Oprah’s favorite things, small, mom-owned business style:

Gratitude beads: I gifted these to my mom and my cousin and they both LOVED them. They’re made by a local mompreneur here in the Bay Area and I got mine from Lemon Gift Shop, another local mom-owned business! But, don’t worry-Lemon always sells online for those who don’t live nearby-pandemic or not. For 20% off any order from Lemon Gift Shop, just use code MAMA20 through July 31,2020. They carry so much cute stuff for your home, your man, your kids, and most importantly, YOU.

Silhouette art & jewelry: I got this necklace as an early bday present this year and I gotta say, I love the uniqueness and simplicity. I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but I really like this piece and, of course, I love that it displays my four babies on it! You can snag either a silhouette print to frame at home or piece of beautiful jewelry from The Heirloom Theory, a new business that Bay Area mom photog Sarah Christensen launched earlier this year. I love this business even more because it’s the perfect example of how to pivot when life throws you a pandemic. Use promo code MAMAWORKIT for $10 off.

Masks: The new normal called and if you didn’t pick up (because you screen your calls and only text like me), I’m here to tell you that masks are going to be part of our daily ensemble for the foreseeable future. You may as well look cute rocking one. Personally, I’d prefer to support a mama sewing away rather than a sweatshop, probably without equal pay. I don’t have a specific mamapreneur to promote here because I haven’t taken the plunge and brought everyone in my family a cute mask yet. But, when I do, you bet your ass I’m hopping on Etsy to find a sewing mama genius with Paw Patrol, Star Wars, and leopard print face masks for me and my crew.

Art Kits: I don’t know about you, but when I became a full-time homeschool teacher in addition to a full-time corporate director, I almost lost my shit. Then, I started seeing creative things out there to help me with structure, content, and sanity. I Heart Art, a local art studio founded by two artists/teachers/mamas, makes weekly art kits for kids to be able to do an art project every day of the week while they’re home. They’re simple-literally don’t even have instructions, and they remove the overwhelming pressure of finding arts and crafts ideas on Pinterest and ensuring you have all the supplies for them too. You can pick these up or they’ll deliver to your door if you’re local. And if you’re not, don’t fret-they’ll ship to you. For a limited time, get 20% off art kits by using promo code