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Tired of starting a new habit only to stop a week in? You don't need a new habit. You need accountability and a proven system to make it stick. Get it here.  

I'll start Monday.

Listen, I get it. You're busy. You're a mom, a wife, a colleague, a volunteer in the kindergarten classroom, a chef and snack extraordinaire, diaper changer, sunscreen applier, laundry folder (should I go on?), and the thought of introducing anything else into this very full life of yours feels impossible.

Like totally impossible.

Maybe you've tried it before. Maybe you've failed on day eight or five or three. 

As someone who has been right there with you, I'm here to tell you, habits aren't hard. You're probably just doing them wrong. Habits are also THE way to get shit done with minimal effort and maximum results.

I'm Marisa Lonic. I'm a Time Management and Productivity Coach, bestselling author, and mom of 4. And you know what helps me thrive in all aspects of my life (most days)? You guessed it. HABITS!

Don't get me wrong. This wasn't always the case. I used to be that person who went ALL in on a Monday only to fail miserably by Thursday. I used to lose the weight, then gain it all back in a day because my habits weren't sustainable. I used to never workout or do so inconsistently. I used to get BIG ideas, and they'd fizzle out when I couldn't keep consistently showing up for them.

Now my life is one big salad bowl of delicious, incredible habits that I created one small step at a time. I run two businesses, work 25 hours a week, exercise daily, hang with friends frequently, actually have hobbies, and *basically* have my shit together.

Want the process I used and continue to use with all my coaching clients when it comes to creating a new habit?

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