hey mama...


You've got ideas.


You've got ambition.


You've got NO time.​


Or so you think.​


Let me help you succeed at becoming a more organized, more energized, more productive YOU without the guilt, frustration, or busy-ness that comes along with juggling ALL the things as a mom.


Whether you're a working mom in your career and home or a working mom raising tiny humans all day every day, you still have dreams, goals, and maybe even basic things you want to do, like wash (and style) your hair. 


Mama Work It offers real ways to simplify your life and get more time for what you want to spend it on.    


We’ll keep you afloat, give you a kick in the butt when you need one, a hug when you want one and make you laugh along the way. Remember, it’s not the destination-it’s the journey. And we’re all on it together, so don’t stop believin’ (see what I did there).

Now go ahead, mama, work it.

but first...how about some sleep?

Hey girl hey!

Wanna know my BEST life hacks when it comes to managing your time so you can get MORE sleep? 

Yes, sleep!

A luxury for many mamas raising tiny humans...you in?



Yass! Get ready for some inbox magic.

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