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I've always wanted to be a mom.  I can remember putting pillows in my shirt as a little girl pretending to be pregnant and taking care of my dolls like they were real, live babies (Baby Alive, anyone?).  So at 29, I decided to have one-well two.  And by decided, I mean, I gasped in shock as the Type A-planner in me learned that I was having twins. How about that for a life changer?

Fast forward past giving birth to preemie babies, more sleep deprived nights than I dare remember, returning to my full time career, moving cross country for a job promotion, and adding another baby to our family, things got a little more complicated.  Each change presented its own set of challenges and with each of those triggers, I needed to figure out, again, how I could make it all work.  And I did, just like you probably do. Every. Damn. Day.

Then something happened. 


I had a demanding career, a demanding handful of kids, a demanding (well not really, but sometimes) husband, and a demanding me in the background of all that noise pathetically whining, "Hey, what about me?!"  I needed more.  More time.  More support.  More simplicity (yes, an oxymoron I know).  And I wasn't in a position to just quit my job and make it happen.  Hell, I didn't want to just lose my career-it was part of my ambitious self. 

So I did something else.  I started Mama Work It...a place for all us working moms to get what we need:

  • useful advice and strategies to help us manage the multiple empires we're ruling

  • support and accountability to achieve BIG dreams we thought needed to stay on the backburner now that we'd entered motherhood

  • the right community of like-minded mamas kicking ass daily in this thing we call life right now

We're in it together, mama.  So let's look good, feel good and do good every day.  Now go on, mama.  Work it.

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