Time MOMagement

Go from overwhelmed to empowered in just 4 weeks

If you're a busy AF mom who wants to...

  • Regain control of your time, schedule and life

  • Feel less overwhelmed and more empowered

  • Level up your mindset, systems, and lifestyle

  • Stop ending each day feeling exhausted and defeated

...you are in the right place.


What do I get?

Training Videos 

Each week you'll get access to new training videos. These direct and impactful talks will guide you along the path toward organizing your schedule, prioritizing what matters, and ultimately living your best life.

Resources & Time Work

Take what you learned and put it into action using resources and accountability exercises.  Don't just learn by listening and watching-take the steps to make it happen with simple, guided Time Work.

Daily Email Support

Start each day of this program with motivation, accountability, and empowerment. You'll receive daily tips, ideas, and motivation to keep going, even when you may not be feeling like your most motivated self.

How it works

I'm Marisa!

Here's my story...

In 2013 I found out I was pregnant-surprise! Then I found out I was having twins-double surprise! While I felt extremely blessed, the first words I said after seeing a positive pregnancy test were, "This was not the plan". 

Fast forward to a couple years later, I was a working mom who from the outside looked like I had my shit together, yet on the inside felt more like the hot mess express most days. 

One day, I was offered a significant job promotion. It was in California, and I lived in New York. I wasn't sure if I should take it. Would I be able to show up as the mom I wanted to be to my toddlers? The wife I wanted to be to my husband? Would I have any time for myself with a longer commute, in a new city, where I knew no one?  

I almost turned the job down.

Instead of letting my fear of not having any time let me pass up an amazing opportunity, I found ways to make my time work for me so I could be the mom, wife, and woman I wanted to be, so I could essentially have it all. I became a Time MOMager.

Make me a Time MOMager

What's covered?

Week 1

Start the program by gaining crystal clear clarity. 

If you don't know how you want to spend your time, you'll end up wasting it away!

You'll be identifying your Time MOMagement goals and ensuring they're specific enough for success.

You'll also be learning Marisa's mantra when it comes to multitasking and completing a powerful exercise to see how you're spending your time and where multitasking might help and might not.  

Week 2

Get ready for a week all about organization and motivation!

This week you'll be choosing and committing to a time management system so you can get your Time MOMagement goals scheduled into your life.  

You'll also learn how to start forming habits so you can get more done with less effort.

And we're diving into motivation, identifying what our motivators and demotivators are, or as I like to refer to them: lovers and haters.  

Week 3

What happens when you've got a plan, but then life hits you with something unpredictable?

During week 3, you'll be learning all about flexibility, support systems, and automation, so you can stay afloat when life doesn't go as planned (and we know life, especially mom life, rarely goes as planned).  

If you're struggling with consistency, have a hard time asking for and receiving help, or aren't sure what or how to automate mundane tasks, your life is about to change for the better!

Week 4

In the fourth and final week, you'll be diving into some traps that can get in the way of how you're choosing to spend your time, for better or worse.

Here's why. Your thoughts and feelings influence your actions, and your actions fill up how you spend your time. If you want to do good with your time, you need to feel good first. 

Get ready to learn about all things mom guilt, the curse of comparison, and how mindset can turn even the most mundane tasks into grateful moments.   

Time MOMagement


Become a Time MOMager

  • Dive into time management strategies, powerful mindset shifts, communication hacks, and SIMPLE ways to regain control our of your time and your life in this 4 week course
  • Lifetime access to 12 training videos and accompanying resources
  • Daily motivational emails delivered straight to your inbox  to keep you focused and on track

Time MOMagement VIP


Customize your experience

  • Includes lifetime access to all aspects of Time MOMagement 4 week course (videos, resources, daily motivational emails)
  • PLUS weekly one-on-one coaching experiences (45 minutes each) with Marisa. 
  • Focus on your specific needs, challenges, schedule, time goals, and develop a custom strategy working solely with Marisa as she helps you become a badass Time MOMager.

Time MOMagement VIP also offers a payment plan option 

Gina D.

"Time Momagement was life changing. I never imagined a different way to live my hectic life as a working mom. Marisa outlines specific and efficient ways to make your time count for you."

Julie W.

"Marisa made me feel comfortable in sharing my challenges, and provided me with a safe space to share my struggles. I believe Marisa is great at breaking issues down to provide simple and actionable tips!"

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