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Five Ways to Get More Sleep

healthy living motherhood self care sleep wellness working mom Apr 27, 2019
No matter how bad-ass we are, we could all use a little more sleep every now and then. And by now and then, I mean all the time. So, do you want to know how to fit more sleep into your time? There are five small steps you can start today that will guarantee to get you back an hour of sleep a day. A whole hour. If you don’t feel like you need that hour to sleep, well—good for you, use it for something else. I, on the other hand, will go to sleep.
  1. Get off your phone. Seriously, put it away. Don’t look at just ‘one quick thing’ before you go to bed. I guarantee that one thing is going to turn into you scrolling and clicking for 45 minutes and before you know it, it’s midnight, and you’re exhausted.
  2. Bang out your to-dos in 30 minutes or less. I’ve always been one who prefers to sleep in rather than go to bed early, so I’d rather prep all that I can the night before to keep snoozing in the am. I’m sure you have a daily or nightly list of tedious chores that have to get done. Power through them quickly. Do not deviate. Do not get distracted. Just get it done. Make a playlist of seven songs (which is about 30 minutes) and go. What used to take you much longer just earned you some added time for ZZZs.
  3. Stop binge watching. Limit yourself to one episode. It will be there tomorrow. Close your eyes. Let it go.
  4. Aim for a set bedtime every day. I know, semi-pathetic. You’re a grown woman after all! Putting an alarm on your phone though to let you know it’s time to hit the sack will remind you (and hold you accountable) that it’s time to get some rest.
  5. Make your sleep space Zen. Make your bedroom a place you actually want to be in, relax in, sleep in. Do you need to invest in some new bedding without spit-up stains on it? Can you clear the clutter on your nightstand? What about some dryer sheets that smell like lavender, so your clean sheets smell heavenly? Having an inviting and clean space in your bedroom will draw you to this space and help you sleep easy.
Night-night, mama. Now go get some sleep.

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