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eft mindful living personal development Aug 08, 2019
I recently met someone in my women entrepreneur club who works with moms as a mom coach, author, speaker, and EFT practitioner. When she told me this is what she did, I was, of course, interested, yet also slightly embarrassed because I didn’t know WTF EFT was. Of course, my first question was, “What’s EFT stand for?” I learned it stands for emotional freedom techniques, and that she specifically specialized in tapping.
An area I’d never explored before and quite frankly knew very little about. I was intrigued.
I signed myself up for a sesh because I’m never one to shy away from learning something new and, best of all, bettering myself. I thought, "Hell yes, rid me of my toxins, Lisa. Cleanse my soul. Calm my nerves. Tap it all out."
This post is all about how my first tapping experience.
We started with a little ‘therapy type’ of interview for 10 minutes. What did I want to get out of this tapping session? What was bothering me? What did I need to ‘work’ on? To be honest, I’d been stressing a bit about this in the weeks leading up to this meeting. I didn’t necessarily feel like I had anything specifically worthy of tapping on. I’d been feeling pretty zen in most areas of my life. Not a bad problem to have, I know.
Then, as if God sent a sign, the night before my session, I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black (no spoilers-I promise) that covered a lot about mom guilt and how the imprisoned mamas were feeling as mothers of babies being raised by others on the outside of those bars. Now, I’m not incarcerated obvi, but I could sure as hell relate to the mom guilt. My pregnant self went to bed hormonal and upset with what had resonated with me from the show. Consequently, I started my tapping session with this. Mom guilt I was feeling lately for not spending enough time, one on one, with each of my kids.
The tapping quickly took a turn, as I imagine many sessions do, to something even deeper: control. Not prioritizing that time with my kids was really linked to not feeling in control: in control of my schedule, in control of their behavior, in control of what and who they’d grow up becoming. Through phrases spoken aloud and literal physical tapping on parts of myself, I held back tears and tapped away.
Lisa kept pausing the tapping and asking on a scale of 0-10 how I was feeling (10 being super anxious about this issue and 0 being the ideal ending point for our session). I started at a 5. I got down to a 2.5, then a 1, and then my mind started racing into overdrive of how I could fix all these problems that had come up that I didn’t even realize I was facing, which probably put me back up to a 4 and made me feel a lot less confident in the results I was experiencing, in real time, from all this tapping.
With an open mind and a patient leader, we continued. After a final portion of tapping, we called it and for some strange and surprising reason, I felt calm and serene. It was a little bizarre honestly. I felt like I started in the middle, got lower, got skeptical it wasn’t for me, then got it entirely. A rollercoaster, tapping ride that ended on a very zen note.
Lisa told me at the end of our session that sometimes the effects of tapping don’t take immediate action, despite my just telling her I felt pretty good. She told me I might be looking for that emotion I was feeling when I first started, the guilt in this case, even the next day-but I likely wouldn’t find it. Hmm, I thought. We’ll see how this goes. I felt satisfied in that moment, but would it last or, even better, would it improve?
That night, amongst other things I did and moments where my mind was completely elsewhere, I tried to put myself back in the mindset of how I’d been feeling: the guilt of not having scheduled those one on one dates, the pressure of making a list or strategy on how to fix it immediately, all the unchecked things I’d been wanting and needing to finish that weekend, but hadn’t yet started. And I felt nothing, about any of them. I felt ok. I felt at peace. I had tapped that shit outta that guilt. Job well done.
If you’re open to checking out new ways of healing or just want to try something new to cleanse yourself, I’d highly recommend giving this tapping thing a go. Lisa Nichols works in the Bay Area and specializes her tapping practice with moms especially. Besides the fact that she’s also survived parenting two grown kids, she also published a book (which you can download for free-yay!) and, for the locals, she’ll be running a workshop for parents of tweens on 8/22/19 at 6:30pm.

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