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Mama Work It Podcast: Hormones and Emotional Eating with Sherry Shaban

emotional eating fitness hormones May 01, 2024
Marisa Lonic Mama Work It podcast Hormones and Emotional Eating with Sherry Shaban

If you’re tired of trying to lose weight and be healthier, but finding yourself stuck in emotional eating cycles, listen up!

This week on the Mama Work It podcast, I interviewed Sherry Shaban, osteopath and anti-diet health and life coach. Sherry dives deep into what hormones might be triggering your eating patterns and how to know the difference between real hunger and emotional cravings when it comes to food. Sherry shares from personal experience how to rewire the brain, release self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and patterns, and fall in love with fitness so that weight loss becomes easy, predictable, and enjoyable.

Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

  • How your mindset plays into your discipline and self beliefs
  • The difference between outcome focused goals vs. system focused goals 
  • All about emotional hunger and hormones so you can eat more intentionally


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