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How to Get the Perfect Headshot

headshot linkedin mompreneur working mom Mar 01, 2019
Everyone needs a good headshot these days. Whether it’s your LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile pic, your work Skype or email icon, or even just a good photo of yourself, alone—without your kids, to have for those random requests. Having a good headshot in our back pockets is a necessity these days.
Now, I’m not an aspiring actor who just moved to LA, so I’m not about to get ripped off by an agency who is selling me the dream. Dreams, yeah—I got those. I also have lots of other expenses and financial responsibilities, so spending a shit ton of money on the perfect headshot is not something I’m interested in.
Here are my free hacks for getting the perfect headshot.
  1. Schedule your headshot on a day you’re already getting your hair did. It’s a total shame when I go to the salon, drop a small fortune, and then have nowhere to go or nothing to show for it except my bed, some pjs and a husband who has no idea where I’ve spent the last three hours of my life and sees no change. Put those locks to good use and schedule your photo within 24 hours.
  2. The day of your photos, take your bare bones face to the MAC beauty counter at your department store of choice and get a makeover. Will you have to purchase some products? Yes. Will you want to purchase some products once you see how ridiculously gorgeous that makeup will make you feel? Also yes. Be specific on what you want and learn from the pros on how to achieve that look later. Even though this piece isn’t technically free, it’s like a double whammy with the makeup tutorial you just received. You're welcome.
  3. Find the best lighting in your house with the cleanest background and wear a solid top. Black is always my signature color, so I chose a black top for mine. Wear something you feel comfortable in, but ensure it’s not super trendy and doesn’t have an intense pattern. Your background doesn’t need to be a white wall, but not having clutter or distracting items behind you is best.
  4. I have a nice Nikon since photography is one of my passions, but don’t sweat it if you don’t. I’m pretty sure the new iPhone or Samsung cameras are pretty amazing and will do the trick. Ask someone you know and trust who is also uber patient to take your photos. Get a million different angles. Tilt your head, right, left, chin down. Smile with teeth, then with no teeth. Move your hair. Do all the things to ensure you’ve captured every single way you can look in that picture.
  5. Finally, the most time-consuming part, go through the intense reel of photos and narrow it down to one or two. Crop what doesn’t need to be there. Add a filter if you need one (we usually all need one). Then marvel at your gorgeous self and update all your amateur, previous headshots where you cut out the baby (or martini) you were holding.
There you go, mama. Now, go check your calendar for your next hair appointment and make this happen. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces. Send them over to me here 
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