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How to Stay Motivated in the Summer

goals summer time management Jul 19, 2022

We are full throttle into summer mom mode here, and I don't know about you, but I've got summer fever (is that a thing? I just made it one).

What's summer fever?

  • Feeling HOT HOT HOT, like physically (it's so freakin' hot here) and figuratively (I just wanna sit by a pool in a slamming swimsuit sipping on a fancy cocktail, taking IG worthy selfies).
  • Not being SUPER motivated to drive home BIG goals. You know what? You can be ambitious AF and also like to not work sometimes. It's called balance.
  • Getting excited for all that FALL has in store for us because I don't know about you, but once vacay mode is over, I'm SO READY to release LOTS of good stuff, including my new book! Get that champagne chilled, mama.

In the meantime, here's a quick reminder if you're feeling that summer fever right now that it doesn't need to be ALL or NOTHING. You can still get LOTS done without it feeling hard, tedious or like you need to make a choice between this or that.

Here are 3 quick tips to stay on your time management game and still enjoy those summer vibes:


It's been said that motivation gets you going, but habits keep you going. Would you agree? Some days I wake up motivated AF to slay the day and others I need some help from the motivation fairy. Rather than sit and wait for her to arrive, why not create some habits so you can be consistent with your to-dos without having to put a ton of effort into actually doing them? 

Adding one tiny habit into your day can lead to massive results in your productivity. This is something we practice in the Time MOMagement program, as well as, in Biz MOMagement Club. Habits are truly life changing and can save the day when you're suffering from summer fever.


Oh girl, don't you know I just love a routine? Routines don't need to be super complicated, my friend. Get a few habits together, throw 'em on a schedule and BOOM, you've yourself a routine. Easy as that.

Unsure where to start with creating a routine? Start in the morning. Having a solid morning routine can change your whole day. Check out this podcast episode I recorded all about morning routines. 


Ask yourself, "Is this uncomfortable or is this just awful?". Being outside your comfort zone is an important step in growth, but feeling misaligned isn't. There's a big difference there, but not everyone can easily see it at first glance. 

Making sacrifices may sometimes be necessary, but tasks and life overall shouldn't feel hard all the time (especially during the summer)! 

I recommend asking yourself the following questions when you're feeling unmotivated to get a task done:

-How will I feel when this task is complete? 

If the answer is good, positive, relieved, (insert any high vibe here), then as Nike says, "Just do it". 

-Is this something I can possibly delegate or receive support in getting done?

If the answer is yes, consider outsourcing. You don't have to do it all and you're probably not happy doing it all, so stop doing it all. Ok? Ok!

Summer = FUN in my book and while time management and organization is fun to me because I'm nerdy like that, I'm also a human being who just likes to say, "F*ck it" sometimes. You probably are too. 

Enjoy some spontaneity this summer, but also know who you are and what's important to you. You don't need to completely fall off the bandwagon to enjoy the summer, but you don't need to stay bucked in the whole time either. 

With habits, routines, and some simple self-reflection, you can ensure the job gets done and you are having a great time while doing it. 

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