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Mama Work It Podcast: How to Love Your Period with Dr. Brooke Silberhorn

biz momagement club cyclical living period productivity Sep 13, 2023
Marisa Lonic Mama Work It Podcast:  How to Love Your Period with Dr. Brooke Silberhorn

What common ground do your period and productivity have?

This week on the Mama Work It podcast, I interviewed Dr. Brooke Silberhorn, a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Brooke Silberhorn shares her experience and perspective on cyclical living and what it can do for you as a working mom, especially if you’re feeling stressed out or burnt out with the day-to-day pressures.

Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

  • Why knowing your cycle helps you plan ahead when it comes to networking
  • How to best track your cycle to promote a more regular period
  • How cyclical living can help you thrive at work and at home

Also, Dr. Brooke Silberhorn is our Biz MOMagement Club guest expert this October, so if you loved this episode and want to learn even more from this period pro, be sure to join us in the next cohort of Biz MOMagement Club (we start September 18th)!

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