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Mama Work It Podcast: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Working Moms with Lauren Smit

entrepeneurship goals imposter syndrom mompreneur motherhood podcast working mom Oct 05, 2022
Marisa Lonic Mama Work It podcast Imposter Syndrome for Working Moms with Lauren Smit

Is imposter syndrome holding you back from achieving BIG things? 

This week on the Mama Work It podcast I interviewed Lauren Smit, a marketing coach helping moms in service-based businesses attract quality clients so that they can build a fulfilled life with family and freedom.. Lauren specializes in the 5 different imposter syndromes and explains to us what those are and how they might be stopping us from reaching our goals.


Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

  • The sneaky ways imposter syndrome might be showing up for you
  • The biggest mistake women make when it comes to receiving a compliment
  • Lauren’s top tips to help you manage imposter syndrome


Listen to the full episode right here. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review if you loved this episode!  ❤️ 🎧 



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