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Tips to Relieve Working Mom Stress

mamaworkit momlife multitasking stress relief time momagement working mom Oct 19, 2022
Marisa Lonic Mama Work It Podcast Tips to Relieve Working Mom Stress

What helps you with stress relief when it comes to working mom life? 

This week on the Mama Work It podcast I give you all the tips you need to relieve working mom stress. I have definitely learned some things about stress relief over the years and I am sharing those with you today on the show. I’m also breaking this down by the different parts of the day so you can easily implement these suggestions without even having to think about when and how you will do them. Yes, we’re getting that detailed here because when you’re a working mom, you don’t need to be making any more decisions than the thousands you’re already making per day.

Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

  • How to prepare for the day ahead so you can wake up less stressed and more blessed
  • What to do vs. not to do before your feet have even hit the ground
  • My multitasking mantra so you can get more done without feeling frazzled

Here is where you can find: 

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