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Mother's Day - Covid Style

May 08, 2020
This Mother's Day weekend feels a little weird.
Usually I'm all about a good old family day on Mother's day. As a working mom, I often miss my kids and being able to spend the day with them, hopefully not having to do ALL the things, has always been what I enjoy on this day. This year, I have been thinking about what the ultimate Mother's day would feel like, given the current climate and circumstances. It's been...weird. I don't necessarily want to hibernate in my room all day because ultimately (by 8:30am most likely), I will hear screaming or fighting or glass breaking I'm sure. And I don't necessarily want to be away from everyone, well at least for the whole day I don't. So I've brainstormed a list of things that would be awesome to receive or do or experience this Mother's day...Covid-style.
1. A drive...with my favorite music. Do you remember what it feels like to drive? Honestly, I think I've driven four times since this whole thing started eight weeks ago. Driving is relaxing, especially when there's hardly anyone on the road. Pop in some good tunes and you've got a nice little piece of self-care heaven in your quarantine life. If your kids are known to fall asleep in the car, bring them and you have the added bonus of nap-time while you enjoy your you-time.
2. New makeup and getting glammed up...then taking 437 selfies. Because someone should see the result of this. Also, side note, if you haven't put on makeup or cute clothes in weeks, even some mascara and blush will make you feel like a Kardashian.
3. A day without social media. Because why not? Everyone's kids love them. Everyone should feel uber appreciated on Mother's day. Everyone should NOT compare their Mother's day with the highlight reel on social media. 'Nuff said.
4. Your absolute favorite food that you do not have to cook. Even those of us who like cooking, aka me, do not want to cook on Mother's day. After preparing the last 9000 meals for my family without reprieve, I'd love a meal I've requested NOT made by me. Bonus if everyone eats it too.
5. An entire cup of coffee drank hot...without having to warm it up.
6. A long, hot shower followed by a face mask and cucumbers on my eyes. Throw in some diffused spa scents and relaxing jams and this will be a Mother's day to remember.
7. A run or walk outside...not pushing a stroller or with consistent anxiety that my kids are not staying six feet away from everyone else who thought a walk that day would be a good idea.
8. Not washing one dish. Not even one.
9. Temporarily forgetting what homeschool even is for the day. Can someone please explain it to me?
10. Documenting this day with a family photo because even though I've been spending plenty of time with these folks, they are the whole reason I get to celebrate today.
Hope your Mother's Day is a good way. Happy Mother's Day!

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