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Mama Work It podcast: Multitasking Manifesting in Your Mom Life

achieving goals dreams manifesting mom life multitasking Nov 30, 2022
Marisa Lonic Mama Work It podcast Multitasking Manifesting in Your Mom Life

How to manifest effectively when it comes to working mom life? 

This week on the Mama Work It podcast I give you all the ways YOU can put manifestation into practice and how you can decide what feels right for you, what feels doable for you, and what feels like the right path to get there…for YOU. 

Here's what you’ll get out of today’s episode:

🧘  Why manifesting is necessary when it comes to achieving your dreams

🙌 How to manifest in the most efficient way when you’re a busy mom

3️⃣ How setting 3 small goals per day can create massive opportunity in your life


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