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My 3 Favorite Podcasts

goals personal development podcast Jan 17, 2019
I’m fashionably late to the podcast game. But, that’s ok, because when you’re a mom boss ruling an empire, being late is often your trademark.
Now that I’ve ventured out of the secluded land of Ted Talks, Marie TV and some good Pandora music stations (which by the way, I still love all those things), I’m excited to share with you my favorite podcasts that I’ve discovered!
RISE Podcast: Are you a fan of Ms. Rachel Hollis? The RISE Podcast is hers! What I love about it is that she’s beyond motivational. She’s an incredible storyteller. She’s also done so many things I want to do, so she’s basically my girl crush. She owns a company, does annual seminars for thousands of fans, has a NY Times best-selling book, made a documentary on her life, and basically does it all while being a mom of four. Check out this motivating and relatable podcast.
The Goal Digger Podcast: I’m pretty goal oriented, so when I heard the name of this one, I was instantly hooked. Also, every time I say the name of this show, I can’t seem to get that Kanye West jam out of my head…I digress. Host Jenna Kutcher interviews some awesome peeps and breaks BIG goals down into small, attainable steps for even the most unsteady walker. Jenna recently became a first-time mom, and I’m so pumped for her return from maternity leave in April 2019. I’m sure the additional role of “mama” will undoubtedly make her podcast even more amazing with the added layer of balancing career life after baby, something many of us can also relate to.
The Purpose Show: Hosted by Allie Cassazza, this show gives you tactical, everyday tips on how to be a better minimalist mama. Allie is mostly known for her decluttering and cleaning tips, which in turn help moms live a more organized, thus mindful life in the present moment: something I know I could always use some reminders on! I’m a firm believer that a zen space helps create a zen mind, so I do my best to live that minimalist life when I can. The Purpose Show gives great tips on these topics and all things we face daily in the mamahood.
So, go ahead and check these out next time you need some podcast inspo. By the way, no one paid me or asked me to promote these, although if they did-I would be so very honored! Keep workin’ it, mama because dreams don’t work unless you do.

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