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Spring Cleaning Secrets

Apr 10, 2019
Spring fever has officially hit my house. Spring always gives me a feeling of new beginnings, of summer just being around the corner, of sunshine, all of which, in my opinion, equate to happiness. I like to make the most of Spring by being outdoors as much as possible, but there’s also something to be said for clearing the clutter in the Spring season too, right? Why not add to those endorphins with a minimalist closet or organized kitchen cabinets? If these things make you swoon like they do me, then keep reading.
But, when I think of Spring cleaning, being inside a dark closet is not usually what comes to mind. This is not what I want to do be doing on my Spring weekends, and, I bet, not what you want to do be doing either. With that said, let’s take a quick minute to power through some ways you can get your Spring-cleaning fix without sacrificing your love affair with Spring itself.
  1. Get outside. Literally. If it’s a beautiful day, tackle the outdoors. Wash the windows. Clean the yard. Plant some flowers. Getting the outside of your house spiffed up will make you feel so damn good every time you drive up to it. I recommend pops of flower color to really put you in the Spring time mood. I basically have a black thumb, but even I can make this happen with a Home Depot research trip and a Pinterest page.
  2. Take one small bite at a time. You can still get a lot done in one day, with tiny steps throughout. It doesn’t need to be an all-day commitment that forces you to stay away from the fun and just clean, clean, clean. While my kids are eating breakfast, I quickly organize the pantry. During an hour of free time during naps, I clean the heating and air conditioning vents. Those things probably should be cleaned more than once a year, but I do what I can.
  3. How about the garage? I walk in and out of my garage daily. It’s often the first space I see when I enter my home. When it starts to build up with donation piles or stuff that needs to get out of the house, but not out of our lives, it doesn’t give me a good, clean vibe. Put the donation stuff in your car and commit to dropping it off. If you’re uber ambitious, sell it on Facebook Marketplace or have an old school garage sale. Then, go do something nice for yourself with that money.
  4. Ok, the closet. The closet does often need to get done and is also an important place you visit daily. You could go all out and Marie Kondo it if it’s a rainy day and you’re opting to stay in. You could also open all your windows, put on your favorite jams and power through on a nice day too. Or you could go at it piece by piece, or as I will say, bird by bird-after one of my recent reads by Anne Lamott. One of my idol minimalist friends tells herself if she hasn’t worn it in over a year, it’s out. I am a little more hoarder status than she. I will give myself two years before I totally pitch it. Either way, commit to getting rid of at least five things, hopefully more. And then, organize by type (skirts, pants, shirts, dresses) and then by color (trust me, you will thank me).
  5. The toys. Damn, the toys. A. Your kids should help you. B. If they haven’t played with it in six months, get rid of it (or save it for the next baby-in your garage or basement-out of your site). If it looks like it got run over by your SUV, just get rid of it. Toys should not be in every room of your house. Toys need organized bins or a set up that doesn’t scream, "CHAOS!". Having little kids is chaotic enough. Their toys shouldn’t add to the stress of parenting. Don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day for two days organizing toys or you will turn your kids majorly off to inheriting your Spring cleaning love gene.
Ok, that is all, dear Spring cleaner. Now go enjoy the sunshine, the organization, and the sweet bliss of Spring minimalism in your space. Happy April 😊.

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