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Stop Letting Your Schedule Control You

schedule time management time momagement working mom Feb 18, 2022

Working moms, listen up. Your Outlook calendar may be a helpful friend reminding you of anything and everything because #mombrain, but don't let her become your codependent abusive partner either. I.E. stop letting your calendar, schedule, appointments control you.

Sound easier said than done? Maybe. But, also, it can be THAT easy to free yourself of your calendar confinement. Here are three super simple ways to stop letting your schedule control you so you can take back your time, your freedom, your sanity.

  1. Stop checking email first thing in the morning. Do you make good decisions before having coffee, taking a shower or even fully opening your eyes? Me neither. Then stop responding to meeting invites or giving your feedback in writing on things that can easily wait until 9am. You are more likely to clutter up your calendar with meetings that could have been an email or emails that someone else could have answered if you just give yourself a little time and space to respond.

  2. Stop worrying about saying no. Guess what? Most people don't give a sh*t if you decline an invitation. No one (except likely you) is overthinking why you would have said no to that thing. Things come up. You can't be everywhere. You are living through a pandemic. There are a plethora of available reasons why you may not be willing or able to do something or be somewhere, and you are allowed to say no.

  3. Block yourself off. Stop scheduling in things that are a priority to you around your work. Make your priorities priorities. Is it a priority to you to read to your kid everyday? Block 20 minutes out of your schedule when you want to make that happen so nothing else can interrupt it. Is it a priority to you to take a walk outside everyday? Block 30 minutes in your schedule to take a walk so no one schedules a meeting with you because your calendar looks free at that time. Prioritize your priorities by blocking time for them.

As you can see, these hacks are pretty simple, but don't get it twisted, the impact they bring on your time and schedule will be nothing but HUGE. Big journeys start with small steps and when it comes to managing your time and schedule, it's habits like these that end up paying off tenfold, not just in the less crammed week ahead, but in the overall way you're doing life. If you're a working mom looking for more ways to manage the juggle of mom life, work life, wife life, fill in the blank life, be sure to check out my book Time MOMagement.

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