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Why You Need a Routine Right Now

Apr 01, 2020
Who’s there?
Sanity who?
That's it. No punch line. Sanity who is it. Because right about now I think we’re all looking for just that.
Here in the Bay Area, we’re three weeks into our Shelter in Place mandate. Three weeks into juggling home school, work, childcare, cooking every damn night and afternoon and morning and two snacks in between, and doing my very best to find the silver lining in all of it. Right now, "Sanity who?" is about how I feel.
There are up days and down days. There are days when I wake up with determination and give the morning my best effort and by that evening I just want to lie in the fetal position and eat ice cream (which I’ve done). I’m in survival mode. And it’s not just because of this entire scary situation, it’s the unknown of what's to come that is really driving me nuts.
With a lack of real life and the structure that goes along with it: school drop off at 8:00am, arriving to the office before 9:00am, it’s easy to fall victim to a laissez faire type of lifestyle. Maybe that works for you. It doesn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we’re sitting down at the dining room/home school table everyday by 8:00am (we’re definitely not), but with no real structure, this twilight zone of a life we’re living feels even more strange, surreal, and uncomfortable for me.
First thing I did when I got the news about school closures and sheltering at home was to create a daily checklist. Nothing too strict—because quite frankly the last thing I need to feel is like a failure for not sticking to my schedule every day. This shit is hard enough without any added pressure. I did need to have some daily items my kids would expect to do daily though. Otherwise, I feared they’d quickly get way too comfortable being on vacay mode and I would get way to used to just yelling at them all the time. The second part of that is unfortunately happening a little more often than I’d like.
With so much unpredictability in this whole Covidzone we’re living in, I’m doing my best to maintain some loose routines for the littles AND for me. I’ve seen memes about the Covid 15 and I know it would be all too easy right now to eat a bunch of junk food and binge watch Netflix every night, packing on the pounds and ultimately feeling even worse. I’m not letting that happen because I know eating poorly leads to feeling like you’re on your F game vs. A game. And right now, let me just say—my C game could use a boost up, not a shove down. So, I’m doing my best to maintain a good food routine. I’m also making sure I get some vitamin D and fresh air every day. Thankfully, our California weather is typically not skimpy with that. The views and trails and space here are also not too shabby and really make me grateful for this beautiful place I call home. On days I don’t make this happen, I notice a direct reflection of my mood being more irritable, less patient, and more anxious overall. With so much on my mind, I haven’t really made space for my business and my passion. I thought about that today and how important it is, especially during a time like this, to serve your people. So, I’m typing my ass off right now to bring you this post and go back to all the projects I’ve been dreaming of doing this year before the pandemic of anxiety hit me. I'm getting back on track, at least tonight I am.
In a time of discomfort and so much unknown out there, the best advice I can give you is to seek solice in the comfort and known. Routines are predictable. Good habits give you good outcomes. You know if you eat well and exercise, you will feel well. You know if you practice things you enjoy, you’ll feel joy. It’s up to you to create some structure into your days right now, because the world out there is on pause. You’re in charge. Make it happen so you can find that little bit of sanity hopefully knocking on your door.

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